10 Free Ways to Generate Leads

Written by: Trinity Title of Texas

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The only way to put food on the table in this business is to generate leads...

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And to generate leads you need to prospect. But you’re new, broke, and don’t have a clue where to start. Here are some proven tips from successful Real Estate Agents who were new once too. Remember that devoting just 1 hour a day to lead generation can put you at the top of the stats and keep you there consistently.


Open Houses

Advertise with a sign in the yard for at least a week
• Invite the neighbors over for an exclusive time before the actual open house
• Get contact info on feedback sheets or with a cool Open House Pro app
• Follow up!

 Door Knocking - Consistently

• Door knock for at least 1 hour each time out
• Make a commitment to at least 25 doors at a time
• Books appointments for later times
• Typical results are 1 appointments for every 50 doors knocked

 Call Your Sphere of Influence

• Send out introduction letter /email first then follow up with call
• List 100 people who would say HI if they saw you at HEB
• Call 5 per day
• Typical results are 1 lead for every 50 calls

 Call Your Past Clients

• Easy to call someone you already did business with and ask for the referral
• Follow up with a personal thank you note for taking time to talk to them

Call Duty!

• FREE incoming calls – they want information
• Put them in your database

Cold Calling: FSBO/Expired Listings

• Do not leave a message if the person isn’t home. 
• Follow up if they are interested

Use Facebook

• Comment on your clients activities. 
• Offer advice 
• Ask a lot of stimulating questions
• Keep at it! It doesn’t happen over night
• Never brag on yourself. It’s all about THEM not YOU! 
• 80% personal and 20% business 
• Set up a neighborhood FB page/group exclusively for the neighbors to engage with each other 
• Harness the Power of a Picture

Use Craigslist

• Post ads for target markets: Foreclosures, types of properties, neighborhoods, ethnic groups, etc.
• Post in Spanish to capture target market
• The headline must be short, related to the target audience and attention-grabbing
• Don’t have listings? Ask another agent to market their listing. Or ask a builder permission to marketing their community and homes.


Get Active in Something You Already Love to Do

• Skydiving, Art, Sign Language, Wine tasting, book club, etc.
• People do business with others who have a common interest .


• Attend weekly or monthly networking groups and ASK for the referral 
• Refer business to others